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  Vehicle choice---To offer the optimum vehicle configuration according to its specific construction environment
  Customerization---To meet the customers’ individual requirements, without prejudice to the premise of vehicles’ technical performance
   Investment Consultancy------To offer best-profit programs for customers; to provide free supply information.
Sales service
  Scrutinous check of the status of vehicle——Professional free checkouts the status of vehicle for customers in order to ensure the best performance of delivered vehicles.
  Completed procedure——To prepare documents necessary for customers to facilitate various procedures, such as applying for user’s license and vehicle warranty.
  Skills training——Free on-spot training for operators and maintenance personnel in order to ensure the proper use of vehicles and ready maintenance.
  Delivery service——Commissioned transportation.


  Technical consultancy-----To offer technical guidance for customers by internet, telephone, fax, letter and so on.
  New car tracking----- Telephone calls or personal visits to remind customers of travel and maintenance tips
  Regular visits to customers------Regular telephone calls or personal visits about half a month after purchase and every 1-2 months to inspect the operating conditions of the vehicle
  Circuit service-----Technical guidance, maintenance instruction and overhaul are provided quarterly according to the vehicle number.
  Accessories supply----- Timely and efficient supply of necessary accessories.
  Quick service------The company carries out express service to ensure customers’ problems be solved in time
  Service station support------There are special maintenance stations in areas with large numbers of vehicle to provide more convenient service for customers

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